Male Rectal Examination Trainer – Standard

Product No. 60170
This brand new trainer offers realistic, repeatable training in the core skill of digital rectal or PR examination. The Standard model focuses on learning core rectal nursing procedures. Both the Standard and Advanced 60171 – Male Rectal Examination Trainer – Advanced model offer a contractible anal sphincter, allowing for anal tone assessment, and a faecal impaction clip in module.


  • Simulation of sphincter contraction allows trainees to assess anal tone
  • Left lateral positioning
  • Addition of impacted faecal matter allows trainees to recognise and distinguish this common finding


  • Soft, partable buttocks
  • Realistic anus with resting tone and ability to contract


  • Trainer can also be presented in a ‘semi-standing’ position using the optional Standing Position Stand (60172)


  • Latex free


  • Buttocks, anus, rectum, prostate and perineum