SonoSim LiveScan™


SonoSim LiveScan™

Product ID: 510944
Includes: SonoSim LiveScan™ Probe, two sets of human-use tags, one set of mannequin-use tags, SonoSim LiveScan™ USB Drive, Continued SonoSim® Care costs 10% of customer purchase price per year, SonoSim LiveScan™ Packages.

*Price does not include a SonoSim® Edition. SonoSim LiveScan™ is a SonoSim® Edition add-on and comes with a SonoSim LiveScan™ Probe and Tags.

Hands-On Cases
Twenty eFAST and RUSH cases, including:
Normal adult and pediatric patients (male and female)
Hemodynamically stable patients with mild-to-moderate free intraperitoneal fluid
Hemodynamically unstable patients with marked free intraperitoneal fluid
Subtle positive FAST case (fluid in splenorenal window)
Free intraperitoneal fluid and associated hemothorax case
Pneumothorax cases
Hypovolemic shock
Hemorrhagic shock
Septic shock
Cardiogenic shock

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