Shoulder Injection Trainer- Ultrasound Guided-

Shoulder Injection Trainer- Ultrasound Guided- ( Ref 70202).
The Ultrasound Guided Shoulder Injection Trainer allows trainees to acquire the key skills in locating, injecting and aspirating the 4 most commonly treated shoulder sites: glenohumeral joint, subacromial space, acromiaclavicular joint, bicipital groove.
The model uses ultrasound material that contains properties similar to human tissue.
The ultrasound images bring training closer to life and have been tested by clinicians on the leading ultrasound machines.


  • Eco lucent materials visible under ultrasound, represent the key internal landmarks.
  • Successful injection can be confirmed by visualising fluid entering the site, or by aspirating fluid.
  • The quantity of fluid in the Subdeltoid Bursa can be adjusted, from no fluid present to a fluid-filled distension. Depending on level of training.
  • Nerve block functionality – allows trainees to view and inject around the Suprascapular nerve.
  • The model includes muscles and bones to represent the joint accurately
  • Suitable for postgraduate and specialist trainees/ Residents


  • Each skin can withstand up to 400 injections per site
  • Requires a standard needle (21 gauge, supplied)


  • Latex Free

Cristián Jara C.
Gerente de Ventas Área Docencia